Now Inviting Interest in Our Vision and Software

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We can help you build the revolution!


We offer help in building data-centric solutions on the INVERTit platform

The core technology team associated to the foundation

Additional Information

The foundation is supported by InversionIT 

InversionIT is the organizational group that is responsible for developing the core foundation asset (the INVERTit platform)

InversionIT will also develop solutions on the INVERTit platform with a focus on next-generation;

  • User Controlled Data Solutions – e.g. Digital-Human technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – e.g. Neural-Mesh, which is a breakthrough in AI Neural Networks
  • Robotics – e.g. artificially controlled neural integrated human limbs


Multiple Engagement Models are Possible

Solutions built on the INVERTit platform can be open-sourced, built for profit, or a combination of both .  Illustrated is an example of a for-profit company that builds products A and B on the platform leveraging the assets of the foundation and  our consulting and hosting services