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About Us


Investing in REVOLUTIONARY Information Technology Solutions

The INVERSION Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which invests in “solutions that revolutionize Information Technology (IT)”

Revolutionizing IT includes solutions that support an open information age.  Solutions are driven by three premises that act as the cornerstones and are necessary to move ahead to what we call the “intelligence age”;*

  • Designed as a data-centric architecture where the data structure and data ownership are not tied together – All data is open and extendible using contracts for interchange between the data owner and data consumer
  • Designed as a service architecture where the capabilities are bound to data contracts and not data ownership – All services are constructed using building blocks that are autonomous, interchangeable, and extensible (by a community)
  • Designed on an open platform that combines the data-centric architecture with the service architecture for facilitating open market use, thereby improving interchange between consumers and service providers (no service provider monopoly).  Any provider, small (e.g. new start-up) or large corporation will compete on equal footing

* The “information age,” which we are currently in, must be left behind.  The fundamental difference between the “information age” (which has been defined by the capability to create vast amounts of data through harmful or no obvious consumer benefit), and, the “intelligence age,” will be by the ability to use the vast amounts of data to create economic and social value.  A new bread of business that benefits and grows from being open, transparent, and accountable to society and the changing market demands (e.g. consumer demand coupled with governance, compliance and security) is required to drive the social economic value and solve the complexity of society problems. 



Revolutionary Open Data Platform

To provide a unique business and technical platform (and associated tool suite) which will allow its users to build a new breed of digital solutions giving them full control of their data footprint and how their data will be utilized in digital services

OUR Focus and Goals

What is the Problem?

Data Duplication


Currently, commercial-off-the-shelf products are designed as closed systems that require a copy of all relevant data to function.  This aspect reduces agility and many silos of data within an organization

Data Hoarding


Well-known monopoly platforms are designed to hoard and leverage end-user data for their own benefit

Lack of Data Transparency


Companies that collect and use consumer data do not operate with transparency regarding what data they have and how they utilized the consumer data

Data Breaches


Increased user awareness and increased penalties (like fraud) due to publicized data breaches

Inappropriate Use of Data


Increased user awareness due to publicized inappropriate use and sharing of data with third-parties

New Data Regulations


New data protection standards are starting to be considered by governments around the world


What is the Solution?


  • The foundation  provides innovation through a unique Open Data-Centric Platform, called INVERTit
  • This agnostic platform provides the modules for enabling transparent and secure information sharing
  • These modules will underpin the metamorphosis required to transform existing (or net new) IT landscapes so that they are compliant and provide a digital experience where the end-user is in control of their own data and sharing of said data through agreed contracts

The Potential

This unique and innovative platform will create exponential demand as it is not constrained by market, vertical, or customer demographics